Zion St John Lutheran Church has a long and exciting history, starting in 1875, with the creation of St John Lutheran Church, east of Sheffield (where the current cemetery still exists). The country church was founded by German immigrants who first stopped in Dane Wisconsin, before coming to Sheffield. After almost 20 years, a second church, Peace (later renamed Zion) was started in town, so the church goers from the west side of town did not have to travel so far for services. The two churches shared ministers on and off for 30-40 years. In 1948, the two churches merged to create Zion St John Lutheran Church. The building where Zion Lutheran (town church) stood, was demolished and a new building was built to signify their unity. The bell from the country church still hangs in the bell tower of the new church. The altar of the country church is now in the church at the Franklin County Fairgrounds.

We will be celebrating our 150th anniversary in 2025.

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Here are some pieces of history from our archives:

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