Sunday School will start Sunday, September 20 @ 10 am. Please note the time change.

With all of the concerns of COVID 19, we have changed the format of how Sunday School will happen. We will be meeting as a group in the fellowship hall, 10-10:30 am each Sunday. We are asking parents (or other adult) to attend with your children during this time. This will aid us greatly in maintaining social distancing, etc. There will be a little music, a Bible story, an activity or craft and then a prayer for closing. We will also be including a prepackaged morning treat of some kind. We will be continuing this format for the foreseeable future.

We will also be Livestreaming the SS time just as we do worship times every Sunday morning, for those that would like to participate, but do not feel comfortable to attend in person. There are packets available with all the SS lessons thru the end of October on the narthex table. You will need one packet for each child in your family. Click this link, to access the Youtube channel for the Livestream.

If you chose to attend in person, please remember that if you or your children do not feel well, stay home and join us on line. If you or your children have been quarantined by a school or daycare setting, we ask that you also quarantine from SS.

Here is the link for the 2020 Christmas Program movie: